If you have a kitten or puppy which is unwell

Being sick isn’t much fun…. it must be pretty difficult when you cant even tell your best friends why you’re sick or where it hurts…. that’s why we’re here – to help you get your pet well again. we’ll work out why they’re sick, and give you a plan for how we can get them well again.

Sometimes they ate something they shouldn’t, sometimes they just picked some tummy bug when they were down at the park. Other times one of the organs or systems in their body just isn’t working the way it should – it might be their liver, or their lungs, their heart, the pancreas, maybe their kidneys??

When your pet is sick, you just want to get them well again – quickly, simply, easily and affordably.

We’re all pet owners too, and sometimes our pet’s get sick as well. We know it’s stressful and upsetting when your pet just isn’t right – and a lot of the worry and concern is caused by uncertainty and not knowing. We thought about how we could improve our services and make things easier for you, our clients, so this is what we do:

We’ll say “Hi” and introduce ourselves and then we’ll listen to what you can tell us about how the problem began. We’ll generally ask you some questions to ensure we have all the information we need and then we’ll examine your pet to get to know them better and determine what body systems are affected.

On the basis of that we’ll discuss what treatment will be the best course of action to get your pet well again – that might be medication, or a blood test or some X-rays. It might involve a stay at our clinic. We’ll provide you with an estimate of treatment costs, including any follow up required so you can plan for that if you need to.

Most importantly, we’ll get their treatment started right away – we can usually perform any tests that your pet requires in 1-2 hours; that way you know what’s wrong and we can get started on their treatment immediately.

Better Pet Vets will provide the most comprehensive and rapid assessment of your pets health when they are unwell, and will get them well again faster, and more affordably. We provide excellence in care – that’s our promise.