Behavioural Problems are common and they can really strain your relationship with your pet.  The most common behavioural problems we see often have a magical component to their management and resolution.  In fact 2/3rds of Behavioural problems (and particularly aggression) have their origin in a source of chronic pain – Dental Disease, Ear Infections and Arthritis can all change your pets temperament and behaviours.

The behavioural problems we see most commonly and provide solutions for are:

  • Storm Phobia
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Toileting Inside/Toilet Training
  • Urinary tract disease and Spraying in Cats
  • Barking
  • Fence Running
  • Aggression

We also provide advice and information for people who are expecting a baby and already have a pet or pets in the household.  Its a period of adjustment for everyone, and we have some information available on how to smooth that transition so that the new arrival doesn’t cause any drama for your pets.

We also work with a Behaviourist to ensure that once the medical issues have been sorted out, any further support or advice you require can be provided until the problems are fully resolved.

If your pet is causing you grief or is just plain stressed out about the approaching thunderstorm, please call us for advice – 4955 6000