Eye Problems are very common in pets and have many separate causes and treatments.  Some eye problems are caused by allergies, others by abnormal anatomy, some by abnormal tear production or tear drainage.  Many other problems are caused by trauma to the eye or eyelids.

Eye problems have the tendency to get worse quickly if they are caused by trauma or are painful.  These problems need to be seen as soon as possible (ie now) to settle the inflammation and pain and prevent more serious damage to the delicate structures inside the eye.

Signs of Eye pain are:

  • squinting
  • blinking
  • excessive tears
  • moving away from your touch when you try to pat them or look at the eye.
  • you may also see a pupil which is small and constricted relative to the other eye.

These signs mean treatment is required urgently and you should not delay or wait.  Call us now on 4955 6000.

At other times your pet may develop conjunctivitis, or reddening of the tissues inside the eyelids.  you might also see increased discharge from the eye which may be white, yellow or green.  In these cases, medication may well be required to settle the inflammation or resolve and infection, but bathing the eyes with some cold tea or slightly warm salty water will be beneficial. If the conjunctivitis does not resolve within 12-24 hrs then our advice should be sought.