Project Description

Dr Holly Goldring

There is no doubt that our fur babies are becoming increasingly more important now than ever before. With anxiety and depression on the rise in our community, there is more focus than ever on wellbeing, mental health and mindfulness and I believe there is no better therapy than having a pet! This therapy can vary from recovery from surgery for heart patients proven to be more successful with a dog to walk, to assistance dogs for people in need. Then there is the most underrated therapy of all, which is the unconditional love, licks and purrs you get when you come home after a tough day which just makes everything ok.

It is hard to describe and it is different from a hug from a family member or partner. After being a vet for 20 plus years I feel my role has changed for the community and really my only focus is to support and maintain the human animal bond. We aim to do whatever it takes and is possible and tailor make a solution that fits for that situation, for that family. What I enjoy about being a vet is connecting with people and seeing the love between people and their pets. Our business philosophy works towards this every day and is always front of mind when we deliver our services to you. It is that simple.

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