Project Description

Dr Ashley Young

My day as your pet’s Vet has to be one of the most interesting jobs out there. It’s never dull, and every day there are highlights in the time we get to spend with your pets – sometimes it’s meeting a new puppy or kitten, or a dog that’s keen to show you all the tricks it knows! Other times it’s meeting up with patients who have been sick or sore and are now healed and as good as new. Some days, it’s meeting up with clients I’ve known for years and catching up on what’s happening for them. For me, it’s always been an honour and a privilege to be trusted with the care of your best companion.

Our pets are incredibly precious to all of us, and so we understand how difficult and stressful it is when your pet isn’t well. Outside work I spend time with “Minty”, my very busy Dalmatian who’s best skills are tail wagging and Frisbee. She also has an amazing knack for making you forget about anything that was making you stressed or unhappy within about 20 seconds.

I take enormous pride in the level of care that our whole team provides to your pets every day, and its skills and abilities to keep them happy, healthy and well. We look forward to being an integral and trusted part of your pet’s life with you.

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