Worms and other Intestinal Parasites …. Ewwww!

Intestinal worms are a very common and significant health threat for your pet. The tropical climate in which we live is very favourable for their life cycle and so they are able to reproduce quickly and easily, all year round, and large numbers can build up in the environment and in your pet rapidly. Treatment is simple with the right products.

Worms also present some health risks for people, especially children, the elderly or those with weakened immune systems.

Unfortunately, many products are sold and marketed as “all wormers” but this is not always the case. As an example, few of these products prevent heartworm (as many people assume) and none of these products worm for Spirometra which is a common tropical tape worm picked up by playing with or eating geckos.

The key to worming your pet correctly is the right product, given every 2-3 months, given at the right dose – which means you need to know your pet’s weight accurately. Guessing is not ok!

To help you keep your pet worm and parasite free, we provide a free “Weigh and Worm” Service. All you need to do is bring in your pet and we will do the rest. We’ll weigh your pet accurately on our scales and then provide a product that will both ensure your pets parasites are eliminated, and fits your needs for price and being easy to use. If you can’t – or don’t want to – tablet your pet, we are happy to provide either a tablet free solution or administer the tablets for you – whatever is easiest for you and your pet.

If you would like, we will also set up a reminder system for you so you don’t forget to dose your pet when it is due – just ask us when you call or drop in, and let us help you keep them “passenger free”!