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Our Support Team

Our Support Team

  • Chelsea Russell

    I have been a vet nurse for longer than I haven’t and most of that time has been spent with the Better Pet Vets family, I have been here since the very beginning of Better Pet Vets, the original nurse! My journey thus far, has been exciting, educational, heartbreaking but ever so rewarding. I became a nurse because of my passion to care for animals and to help owners gain a better understanding of the needs of their furry friends.

    At home, I have a lazy old cat called Jelly and a very crazy Hungarian Vizsla called Maple – Can you tell I like the sweet things in life? Between the two of them and my whirlwind toddler, there is never a dull moment in my household.


  • Zoe Hill

    Better Pet Vets is where I began my veterinary nursing career and I have been lucky enough to be working within the team since 2009. Over the years I have seen and learnt so much along the way. In the past couple of years I have been able to take a step back as my own family has now grown by 2, my daughter Willow and my son Louie. I have 3 pets at home - the naughtiest boxer in the world, Bronte; the best chihuahua, Tyler; and my angel pet, Sadie the Burmese. Not only is our home full, but also are our hearts. You can say there is never a dull moment, both at our home, and at the clinic!

  • Helina Toivanen

    I have been employed at Better Pet Vets as a veterinary nurse since 2011. The hustle and bustle of the clinic gets my blood pumping, I thrive most in the emergency and surgical nursing department. We have a great team of hardworking individuals and I have made lifelong friends throughout my journey here. A little bit about me, I am very much a family girl – I live on a small property only a short drive from town with my herd of animals which includes dogs, cats, chickens and the occasional reptile but the pride of my herd would have to be my miniature dachshunds – Bentley, Seppo, Murphee and Bailee. I have a passion for traveling and seeking out new adventures and I hope to one day further my nursing career by combining these two loves.

  • Felicity Harvey

    Veterinary nursing has filled my life with so much happiness as I find it impossible not to love every day in a veterinary clinic. After growing up in busy Melbourne, I started nursing at the age of 17. I made the move to beautiful Mackay in 2013 and found my place within the Better Pet Vets team – which is where my heart lies now!

    I have been veterinary nursing for over 12 years now and worked in all different areas such as small animal practice & emergency and critical care. My passion for helping to educate dog parents is huge, which is why I love teaching puppy pre-school & helping to support the local Mackay primary schools with PetPEP education.

    I look forward to seeing you all in the clinic with your furry bundles of joy!



  • Tammy Brassington

    I am a small town country girl whose passion for animals has always been the main joy in my life. I come from the little town of Childers and moved to Mackay in 2010 chasing a lifelong dream of becoming a vet nurse. In 2014 I was lucky enough to be offered a position with the amazing Better Pet Vets team and have never looked back. You will find me in my element in the surgical department; I love the high pace and the variety of cases we see.

    Growing up on land we were never short of a few four-legged friends, this is where my love for horses began. As a child I rode competitively in the rodeo circuits, competing in barrel racing. I continue this passion today on my beautiful quarter horse Chase. My number one man is my very handsome purebred boxer, Deegan; he brings so much happiness into my life every day. Filling up our fur family are; Nitro and Angus who belong to my wonderful partner as well as Cash and Cleo, our newest addition to the working dog family. I have been very lucky to have landed my dream job and soul mate since moving to the Mackay region. I now live each day to its fullest and never sweat on the little things. I truly believe that when you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.


  • Kelsey Matschoss

    I started working at Better Pet Vets in early 2015, I first got to know this wonderful practice when our family got our second dog and brought her in for her first health check. I always loved the friendly and helpful staff and it made me want to be part of a team like Better Pet Vets. I was previously working at a retail store in town when the opportunity arose for a reception position. I jumped at the chance and have never looked back! All the staff are great to be around and we are like a family.

    The highlight of my working day is getting to see all our happy patients and claiming dibs on first cuddles. Between myself and my partner Ty, we have a menagerie of animals which include two dogs ‘Banjo’, a very cute and cheeky Maltese Shih Tzu, ‘Jazz’ (the opposite) a very large, affectionate Bull Arab Wolfhound x and a cat ‘Cinnamon’ a beautiful Birman x, multiple horses and a few cows. My dogs and cat are my world and I love to spoil them rotten. I love coming home to lots of cuddles and slobbery pooch kisses.


  • Kimberly Higgins

    I have been working at Better Pet Vets since 2014. Ever since I can remember (just ask my parents) I have had a love for animals big and small, and when the opportunity came up to work at a vet clinic, I jumped at the chance. At Better Pet Vets, everyday consists of something different and exciting. Some days are harder than others, but we have such a supportive and passionate team that helps one another out when needed. At home there is never a dull moment, as I have a Doberman named Duke, a Siberian Husky named Django, a domestic cat called Puss and a Ragdoll cat named Paul that came into my life as part of an abandoned litter and of course I could not say no! Coming home to always happy, excited and loving members of the family at the end of the day always puts a smile on my face.

  • Kirsty Wicks

    Being part of the Better Pet Vets family is a dream come true for me. Helping and caring for animals and using my knowledge to help pet owners understand their companions better, is my passion. The path to where I am now, as a part of the Better Pet Vets family, has had its challenges but has shaped me into the person I am today, giving me the tools to show patience, compassion and unconditional love and respect to each and every animal I am involved with. I have learnt so much professionally, as well as grown so much emotionally since joining the team in 2015 and look forward to achieving so much more in the years to come.

    My fur family currently include Tilly – my beautiful border collie x king charles cavalier, Shandy – my wheaten border collie, Nipper my jet black hunk-a-horse and Matt, my rugged purebred Australian! My animals are my world, seeing their beautiful kind faces when I get home every day is never taken for granted. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, riding my horse and kayaking with my partner Matt. I am very lucky to have the perfect family at home and to be part of the perfect Better Pet Vets family at work.

  • Taylah Gaskell

    I’ve always wanted to have a career working with animals and once I was given the opportunity with this amazing team how could I resist? I have been employed here as a nurse since 2015 and I love every minute of it. Working in such a positive team environment makes coming to work everyday a dream. I have five fur children of my own, my 2 dogs Tyson and Rocko and my three cats Kiri, Travis and Saroo (the other nurses call me the crazy cat lady). They are all rescues and make my family complete, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


  • Dana Christensen

    I have been a part of the Better Pet Vets team since late 2016. I have always dreamt of a career working and caring for animals and I have been fortunate enough to travel throughout Australia since I was 6 weeks old which allowed me to experience the diverse range of Australian wildlife and inspired a great respect and genuine compassion for all things big and small. I have had the privilege of owning two beautiful dogs throughout my life thus far including my best friend Jesse, our Labrador x German Shepherd and Indie the blue English staffy. More recently I brought home my own little yellow bundle of joy “Leo” the Labrador who has completely stolen my heart.

    To me, the biggest reward about working at Better Pet Vets is being able to give your pets the highest quality of care. Owning dogs has taught me what matters most in life; to live in the moment, to accept yourself, enjoy the journey, go for walks every day and to jump for joy when you’re happy!

  • Donna Kilpatrick

    I started my vet nursing career in 2015 and joined the joyful and ever so talented Better Pet Vets family late 2016 when I relocated from Moranbah to Mackay.

    My love for all things furry began with my cat, Meekah, who found herself in my arms at 2 days old, along with her litter mates who I hand raised. She has been sassy since her mere two days of age and I don’t think she will ever grow out of it, which is the reason I fell in love with her. I also have three very energetic dogs who love adventuring with me in my spare time – Baxter my curious catahoula who loves to roll in anything smelly, Slim the red healer who loves a bit of a dabble in the water and Skylah the Australian shepherd who loves to show off her tricks and vocalise to tell the world about it! There has never been a doubt in my mind that vet nursing was the right path for me!


  • Naomi Camilleri

    As Better Pet Vets longest standing receptionist joining the team back in early 2014, I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else - not only do you feel like part of a family here, sometimes you even feel like part of the furniture! There is so much opportunity to grow and learn. You will usually find me on the wrong side of the receptionist desk cuddling your puppy or kitten or out the back working very closely with the bosses to keep the administration side of things under control. It is so great coming to work every day and seeing the many happy little faces on all of the patients and the joy that brings their families.


  • Katie Green

    I have been working as a veterinary nurse since 2013 and I love every moment of it. I became a veterinary nurse because of my love for animals and the joy it brings me to help people gain knowledge and understanding of their pets. I have three little rascals at home, Charlie the Dachshund x terrier, Garry the Miniature Longhaired Dachshund and Trevor the Ginger Domestic Short Hair. When I am not at work I enjoy an active lifestyle of keeping fit and playing sport such as Touch football, Rugby league and Rugby 7’s.


  • Andrea Elliot

    I am born and bred in Mackay and began my veterinary nursing career in 1988. Throughout my career I have also raised three children and helped look after my parents. I love all areas of veterinary nursing and have nursed a wide variety of animals. My favourite moment in my career was in the early 90's when I was involved with x-raying a dolphin at Hamilton Island that had swallowed a needle. I am thankful to Holly and Ashley for allowing me to join their amazing team, and I look forward to meeting you all and helping with your furry, feathery or slithery family members.

  • Lou Shean

    I started my vet nursing career in Darwin in 2006 where I worked closely with the RSPCA, worked in remote aboriginal communities implementing dog programs, and had the privilege of working with all types of wildlife and some marine life. We left Darwin in 2010 and I was lucky enough to acquire a nursing position with the Better Pet Vets team. At home, along with my family, I have a big beautiful old Golden Retriever, a Maltese cross and 3 beautiful cats.

  • Emily Bozier

    I was drawn to veterinary nursing from a young age, growing up we always had a poddy animal about which ignited a passion in me for helping animals. I have a strong affinity for exceptional veterinary care and I pride myself in the standard of care I offer other people’s babies, just as I would expect my own to be cared for. That comforting snuggle when recovering from surgery or the gentle caring voice when a patient is nervous really does makes all the difference.