Dr Holly Goldring

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07 4955 6000

Better Pet Vets Northern Beaches
Coles Complex, Northern Beaches Shopping Centre
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When people asked me “What do I want to be when I grow up?” as a young girl I would reply that I either wanted to be a vet or an air hostess….. While my parents would have been proud of me either way, I think they were very proud of me the day I graduated as avet.  I grew up on farms my whole childhood, and anytime I was missing they would find me playing with the goats, or the sheep or the calves, or riding my horse through the bush behind the farm. 

As a practice owner along with Ashley, I am truly proud of our team and what it accomplishes every day.  Each and every one of the staff has been handpicked for exceptional qualities, and we have become a very close knit team who share the same passions and values.  I get real joy from enriching peoples lives with healthy and well pets - the clients who gravitate and are drawn to our practice have pets as a central and integral part of their lives as that resonates with our practice philosophy.

For me, personally, my pets are just part of me and my life - like food and oxygen they are a non-negotiable necessity for my happiness.  I live with “Minty Maniac” - a beautiful, funny (maybe not so clever) Dalamation; Miss LottaSpots.

Minty is always up for an adventure and loves going places and doing things - the beach, the park, kids parties.  She has also enjoyed some more exclusive retreats - staying at The Sebel Pier One in Sydney for a wedding (riding in the hotel lifts, sitting for excited Japanese tourists to pat her, and a Pup-acino outside the Sydney Opera House were her favourite things).  I just love the way she greets me when I come home - its hard not to feel pretty special and important when someone has missed you and loves you that much! 

Travel with its new experiences in food and people has always been a large part of my life, and being a business owner makes it a bit harder to indulge that passion.  I have worked throughout  the UK and enjoyed travelling in Europe between professional engagements, and also worked as a vet with Orangutans in Borneo - a truly amazing experience.  Its best not to wear jewellery around them!

I also really enjoy working with our team to increase their personal resilience for whatever life throws at them - at work, or at home or when they are out and about and standing on their own two feet.  Improving their emotional intelligence has far reaching benefits for everyone, not least of all our clients who can rely on interacting with staff that are professional, understanding ad empathetic.  We know that our clients are often worried and anxious, and being able to have sensitive and understanding professionals helping you get your pet well is really important and very comforting.

We are very grateful to the broader community of Mackay who have shown great faith and trust in our practice since we opened and supported us in our mission of providing excellence in care.