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Naomi Bailey

Naomi Bailey

When I left high school I pursued a career in Hairdressing because I liked talking to people and thought that would be a fun career that would let me talk to all sorts of people all day long. Unfortunately many of the chemicals didn't really agree with my skin and so I decided to move to a reception based role with a mining services company here in Mackay, but I missed talking to as many people during the day, and although I enjoyed my job, there was something missing.

A receptionist position became available at Better Pet Vets, and i jumped at the opportunity. I had friends and family who were clients of the practice and I knew I wanted to be a part of a business I could believe in and trust from personal experience. I was surprised that all of the existing staff are involved in the recruitment process, but now that I’m here I understand why - everyone is such a tight knit team and they all trust and rely on one another to always look out for patients, clients and one another. Everyone is involved in the process because once you work here everyone relies on you and one another throughout the day. It is a privilege to represent a group of people so committed to great care for every patient great and small.

I live with 2 dogs; “Blaze” and “Bella”, and 3 chickens. “Blaze” is a Mini Foxy and is very full of energy and mischief, and loves being cheeky and seeing what he can get away with. “Bella” is a Bull Arab and is pretty perfect - she is gentle and affectionate and really knows how to give a good cuddle. I love how they always greet me at the door with love and excitement no matter what - it just can’t fail to brighten up your day.

In the future I’m looking forward to starting a business administration to enhance my skills and contribute more to great experiences for our clients and patients alike!