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Helina Toivanen

Helina Toivanen

I started vet nursing at Better Pet Vets 3 years ago, mostly because I love animals, but also because I really wanted to learn how to care for animals that were sick and injured, and understand more about medicine and surgery.  I really enjoy being on the go at work - on your tees and ready to tackle the next challenge, whatever that might be - an injured animal or an upset or worried owner.  The variety of patients and cases means I learn something new every day and expanding my skills and knowledge is really important to me. 

I’ve made firm, lifetime, friendships here at work, everyone here sticks together through thick and thin.  They are like my family away from home.  They have nick named me as the “Dog Hoarder of Dumbleton” because I live at home with my family on a large property and we have 6 dogs.  My main obsession, though, is my two dachshunds “Bentley” and “Seppo” who have pretty interesting lives as “Designer Farm Dogs”.  They love to play in the mud and will roll in cow poo when they can find it, but also know how to turn it on for coming in to town and “doing lunch”!

I really couldn't imagine my life without them - having them running around and getting under my feet is all part of the fun.  They are always so happy to see me, and their antics always put a smile on my dial. I really like the idea that “Perfect companions never have fewer than 4 feet”. 

I’m working hard to complete my studies and finish my Certificate, and then I would like to expand my knowledge and skills in emergency and critical care work.  Travel, especially back to Finland to spend some time with my Father’s side of the family and see where he grew up is also on the “to do” list.