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Chelsea Russell

Chelsea Russell

When I left school I worked in the Mackay Pet Superstore for 3 years and then there was an opportunity to become a veterinary nurse - That was 9 years ago and I still love it! I think my main drive to become a vet nurse was to help those that can’t help themselves….. plus there’s nothing better than a wagging tail to brighten your day - and this way I get them all day!

I have 2 dogs - “Mishka" and “Maple”.  Mishka is my 13 year old husky who was my first pet and is my life.  She has supported me through some difficult times and for that she will always have a very special place in my heart. She loves to talk and show off all her tricks - she did a lot of obedience training when she was young, and it still shows. Maple is my crazy 1 yo Viszla baby who's whole body wags when she’s excited, and cant meet you without bringing you a “gift” - something in her mouth like a toy, leaf or sock!  There is also “Jelly” my cat who keeps the dogs in line and essentially rules the roost!  Her favourite pastime is stealing the dogs beds…. and she's happy to fight them for it if they feel game, but they don't test her out too often!

I love living with them as they provide so much joy. No matter how tough a day you have had they are always happy to see you and know how to make you smile. 

Because my pets are so important to me, I’m really proud to work at Better Pet Vets.  All of our patients are cared for as though they were our own, and the standard of care is second to none, every hour of every day.  The team is amazing because we all have different skills and strengths, and we work together to get the best result for the patients.  We all get along and enjoy having fun together, and there’s always someone there to help you when you need it.

Outside work I really love to travel, but when we’re home my partner and I love to go fishing too -  balance is necessary!